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Welcome to The House of Mouse

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Walt Disney World is one of the top destinations in the world today and is one of the most cherished assets of the Walt Disney Company. Ever since I was little, it has been a tradition to go to Walt Disney World and enjoy the exitement and the adventure of it. I hope I can convince you to do the same.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Preview - Preview the Jerry Bruckheimer film
Finding Nemo Preview - Preview the lastest Disney/Pixar film
The Moose Hole - Read the latest movie review from The Moose!
The Lion King DVD Preview  - Check out info on the Lion King DVD
Treasure Planet DVD - Check out info on Treasure Planet DVD
Magic Kingdom - Info on the first WDW theme park
Epcot - A look at the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
Walt Disney Studios Florida - Be a star in Hollywood
Animal Kingdom - See animals from many different lands
Old Key West - Check what is going on at this Home Away From Home resort
Polynesian Resort - Visit the tropics at the Magic Kingdom resort
Grand Floridian Beach Resort - Take a Jolly Holiday at this luxury resort
Caribbean Beach Resort - Visit the Caribbean islands located near Epcot
Port Orleans Resort - COMING SOON!!
Radisson Parkway Resort - See the hotel just 1.5 miles from WDW
Awards Hall of Fame - See all the awards collected by the site.
WDW Timeline - See the history of WDW from 1969-2003
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Bruce Almighty
Bruce Almighty
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The Moose Hole, the sister site of the House of Mouse, is proud to showcase their review of the latest Disney and Pixar film, Finding Nemo, which collected nearly $70 million at the box office this weekend. We apologize for being late on this update but there have been many thing going on (last minute essays for exams, etc.) and those things need to be finished before this site. The Moose Hole will present their review of 2 Fast 2 Furious on Sunday here but you can go to http://www.geocities.com/goooffy15 to see it when it is first released. One more thing of note: the site's founder, MickeyMoose himself, is celebrating his birthday on June 7th. Make sure to wish him a Happy Birthday!!

Current Movie Review: Bruce Almighty

Next Update: June 8th, 2003

Links have been posted all over the site promoting The Moose Hole's review of Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo. The Link for the review is a test page of the new version of the Moose Hole site which is set to open officially on July 4th, 2003.

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Bruce Almighty
Bruce Almighty
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